All about Vienna is an information portal which brings latest and most up to date information about Vienna, capital of Austria. This website is part of the larger project of gotravelyourself.com and its aim is to promote travel and information about different cities around the world.

Our website has many articles organized in a form of magazine, however there are three main areas: General Vienna information, information for Vienna visitors, and information for people who want to move to Vienna (or they just started living here). We are sure some of the info will be new even to Vienna natives!

The goal of this website is to give as much useful information as possible to both Vienna visitors and people who would like to move and live in Vienna. The information provided on this website is a first-hand information and it is handpicked to make sure only the most relevant info is provided to our visitors.

All about Vienna has all information about visiting the city, such as: attractions, lodging, transport events, things to do and so on. For people who are planning to move to Vienna and start their lives here we have information on how to move to the city, how to get necessary permits or how to find a job or schools for your children, etc.

The website also has general information about Vienna, its history, districts (neighborhoods), population, and all necessary background information useful to both visitors and future dwellers.

We hope this website will be useful for people who want to learn about Vienna, for those of you who want to visit and who knows, maybe one day, move and live here in this wonderful city.

Safe travels and see you soon!