Do you really need travel insurance?

Do you really need travel insurance?

The short answer is: yes! Travel insurance should be an integral part of your trip planning and budgeting. Even when you think you will be able to enjoy a planned vacation, something can always go wrong. You might feel like canceling your trip for several reasons, for instance getting sick or running into unexpected expenses on your trip. That’s why It’s best to have an emergency fund in the form of insurance that will buffer you from unexpected costs nowadays.

Travel insurance is a temporary insurance policy that covers travelers for the duration of their trip. Plan your vacation and purchase a travel insurance policy to protect yourself from many unexpected (and not-so-unexpected) events and please don’t forget to get the double indemnity policy. There are different plans or plans you can purchase that ensure you are taken care of in the amount of coverage of your choice.

Important travel insurance benefits

Here are some obvious benefits of having travel insurance for your next trip.

  1. Getting travel insurance is the best way to not incur major costs if you need to get out of your trip at a last-minute notice. Getting travel insurance usually covers the entire cost of the trip, in case there is, for example, a death in the family, a family health issue, or sudden job loss. The amount of coverage (type of policy) you buy depends on the situation you’re looking to cover.
  2. Travel insurance also provides medical expense coverage. If you don’t already have health insurance and/or your current policy doesn’t cover you in the state you are moving to, then health insurance coverage would be very beneficial. This is extremely important when traveling abroad and it has been proven useful during the COVID-19 pandemic when people were getting sick in foreign countries.
  3. You can book a more extensive indemnity if you plan to engage in risky activities. Riskier the activity – the more comprehensive the coverage. For example, going on a cruise will require simple travel insurance, while bungee jumping or paragliding will definitely require something more comprehensive.
  4. Travel insurance usually entitles coverage for repatriation from a trip. Another of the main reasons why you might need coverage like this while you are traveling is the high possibility of being the victim of a crime, such as a robbery. Having to buy a plane ticket home at the last minute because you’re sick or injured could be very expensive and make buying travel insurance very much worth it.
  5. You can also insure your luggage. Your luggage can be lost, damaged, or stolen and airlines will reimburse you partially after a certain time has passed (when they confirm the actual loss of luggage). Including your luggage in the insurance will give you additional peace of mind.
  6. The amount of coverage you receive depends on how much coverage you purchase. You need to assess which risks you need coverage for. Where exactly are you going and what exactly are you going to do? The reason for buying travel insurance that includes coverage for medical expenses is that you could get health insurance that will cover you while you are away at a significant discount.
  7. Buying travel insurance is inexpensive and can provide essentially the same benefit as an added or paid-for vacation but for less money. You can rely on the contents of your travel insurance policy to cover unexpected expenses. You will find that your trip is a lot more enjoyable with the peace of mind you carry with you from travel insurance.

Trave insurance form

How to get travel insurance?

Assuming you plan on traveling soon and have already booked your trip, find out where you can get a reliable travel insurance provider. Apart from your local insurance companies, you can opt for online ones. We can recommend a few:

  • Please note that your existing insurance company for your house or car might provide travel insurance as well. You can contact them to ask for an extension of your existing insurance.
  • Many credit card providers have travel, luggage, and car insurance included in their services, the only condition is to buy an airline ticket, or accommodation, or rent a car with their card and you are automatically covered. Contact your bank to clarify this.


Travel insurance is essential for your travels, especially if you travel abroad. It is important to assess possible risks when planning your travels and obtain adequate travel insurance for you and your travel companions. This will save you from some major headaches in case of an emergency. Safe travels!

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