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With a visit to Time Travel Vienna, you can travel back in time to the city of Vienna. The interactive museum brings the past into the present day through the use of multimedia exhibits and attractions that provide audio-guided instructions.

Check out the period of Habsburg’s reign, explore the plague-stricken streets of medieval Vienna, and learn about the musical side of the city – all through the use of animatronics and spectacular effects, of course. A virtual horse-drawn carriage ride and an air-raid shelter from World War II are among the special attractions at the park.

Time Travel Vienna – ticket


  • Tickets to Time Travel Vienna, the Vienna History Show.
  • With the help of spectacular special effects, images, and animatronics, take a journey through Vienna’s history.
  • Discover what it’s like to live in Rome. Vienna and the plague-stricken streets of the medieval city are two examples of this.
  • Embark on a waltz-car ride into the heart of Vienna’s musical legacy
  • Relive the era of the Habsburg rulers and learn what it was like to live in Vienna during a World War II air assault.
  • On a virtual fiaker trip, you’ll get a unique perspective on some of Vienna’s most famous sights.
  • Take advantage of the live guide or audio commentary to learn astonishing things about Vienna’s history.


Attend the Vienna History Show, which is held in the caverns of an authentic medieval monastery in the city’s historic core, on your own accord. Step inside the Time Travel adventure universe, show your ticket and enjoy the 45-minute show. It’s like being transported back 2,000 years to Roman Vienna thanks to the stunning 3D effects and sights in 5D cinema.
Time Travel-Magic Vienna History Tour Ticket
As you tour Vindobona, the Roman military camp that served as the first Vienna, you’ll hear fascinating stories about the city’s history from a live guide or an audio guide. Ride in a waltz car through Vienna’s musical history and relive the days of Austria’s Habsburg emperors thanks to animatronics.

Immerse yourself in the city’s evocative music and look out for Mozart and Strauss as you go across the virtual world. A recreated bunker from World War II allows you to imagine what life was like for the people of Vienna during an air raid. Finally, take a ride on a virtual fiaker and fly over Vienna in the present day.

Get a new perspective on some of the world’s most iconic monuments as you wander through the 21st-century city. When the show concludes and you leave the theater, your experience comes to an end.

Tour details

Tour type: Attraction ticket

Guide language: English (and 8 more, via audio guide)

Duration: 50 minutes

Price: from $24 (per person)

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