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Vienna weather

Knowing about Vienna weather is important, especially if you are planning some outdoor activities. Vienna and Austria fall under oceanic type of climate (Cfb classification on Köppen scale). This climate is characteristic with warm, sometimes hot summers and cold, relatively dry winters.

Vienna seats on the banks of the Danube River in the northeastern Austria in central Europe. Position and altitude affect city’s climate quite a bit. Elevation of Vienna ranges from about 150 meters until 540 meters above sea level, since city is spread over the hills and various terrain. Vienna area is very diverse, with hills, mountains, forests, rivers, lakes, and marshlands. City itself has many cultivated green areas that contribute to better climate, especially during hot summers.

Summers in Vienna are relatively hot, and average temperature reaches close to 27 degrees in July. Weather throughout the day in summer is still very pleasant no matter temperature can sometimes climb all the way to 35°C (95°F) degrees. Winters can be cold with lots of snow when the temperatures are going below freezing, mostly in January. Spring is quite short as a season and can have a lot of rain, while autumn can be more with mild weather, pleasant and with relatively little rain fall.

Amount of rainfall in Vienna could be considered moderate and the peak rainy season is during the summer. Snowfall is bit higher and it’s typical during the winter. Sunniest days in Vienna are between May and September.

The highest recorded temperature, to this day, in Vienna is 39.5°C (103.1°F), and the lowest temperature measured was -22.6°C (-8.7°F).

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