Moving around Vienna: public transport and more. Vienna is an exciting city with so many things to do and see. It will take average visitor several days or even weeks to explore it fully. If you are visiting Vienna individually, without organized group through travel agency, it will be very useful to know how to move around the city and see as many attractions as you possibly can. Vienna has several means of transport available and here are our recommendations and tips.

Fastest and cheapest way of moving around Vienna: public transport, especially underground

To get from point A to point B, the best and cheapest way is public transport. Vienna has comprehensive, integrated, efficient, punctual and very affordable public transport, which includes underground, trams, trains and buses. It is operated by Wiener Linien company ( that sell tickets, manages an app and provides all travel info.

Tickets are sold by duration and type of passenger – children and senior citizens ride free or have discounted tickets and you can purchase daily (also 24 hour ticket), weekly, monthly or yearly ticket. You can also buy individual ticket for each ride, but this would be too cumbersome and will delay your trip. There are machines at every station to purchase tickets with a card or cash, but this makes sense only if you want to take single trip.

Daily ticket is valid from time of purchase until 1 AM next day. Very useful for daily travels throughout the city. Price 5.8 Euro ($6.5)

24 hour ticket is valid for 24 hours from time of purchase. It is suitable if you are planning to move during the night (concerts, clubs, etc). Price 8 Euros ($9)

48 hours is valid for 48 hours from the time of purchase and it is very good option for weekend visit to Vienna. Price 14 Euros ($16)

72 hours price 17.10 Euro ($19) and it is also very suitable for weekend transportation.

Weekly ticket is the same price as 72 hours ticket, but this one is valid only from Monday following the purchase, so it is suitable if you start your visit on Sunday evening.

Monthly ticket starts on the first of the month and costs 51 Euro ($58). This is great value if you are staying longer period in Vienna,

Yearly ticket is obviously not suitable for visitors, but if you are moving to Vienna, this is the way to go. It costs 365 Euro, so you will be paying 1 Euro per day to ride on entire Vienna public transport as much as you want!

It is recommended to download Wiener Linien app from Appstore or Google Play and have all your tickets ready on your mobile. You can also buy tickets from the ticket office or from the ticket machines.

But, if you want to make sure you get correct underground line, bus or tram, please use Google Maps instead. It was proven to be more user friendly and accurate than Wiener Linien app. Don’t ask why, but very few companies can beat Google in their own game. So, in short – use Wiener Linien app to buy tickets and check the schedules, and use Google Maps for navigating and trip planning.

Taxi and Uber

Classic taxi service is available throughout Vienna and there are, besides Uber, several other online solutions.

Standard taxi has following numbers:

+43 1 60 160

+43 1 40 100

+43 1 31 300

Please note for making this call, you should have local number or roaming on your phone. You can also book online on following addresses:

If you don’t have Uber or other app installed, above option might be suitable for you.

Uber is available all-around Vienna and service is reliable, safe and affordable. They offer several types of vehicles for each trip and you can choose standard, lux and large transport like van or similar.

Bicycles and scooters

For those of us who are fit and don’t mind weather conditions or uneven tracks or sidewalks, Vienna has bicycle and scooter rentals available.

Bicycles can be rented online via where you can also check the maps and bikes locations. Price per hour is 1-2 Euro.

Electric scooters are available via Lime ( and are available throughout Vienna city center.

For both bicycles and electric scooters you will have to observe traffic rule and ride them only on the designated areas (bicycle tracks).

Transport from and to Vienna Airport

There are several options for transport from and to Vienna airport and it will all depend on your situation, travel needs and budget.


If you are travelling with small children, we recommend CAT service – City Airport Train. Ticket is 11 Euros (discount for return tickets and coupons) and children up to 12 years old ride free. It runs every 30 minutes and trip is only 16 minutes! When departing Vienna, you can even check in your luggage at CAT station, so you can travel in the train with just carry-on bag.

The train stops at Wien Mitte, Central station and you will need another transport from there to your accommodation, so you will need to plan and calculate your budget/expenditure.

The most optimal ride from the airport is to take train to Mitte and then either public transport or an Uber.

You can also take regular train from the Airport, from local OBB company. They depart every 20-30 minutes and price is 4.20 Euro ($5).


Buses operate from Airport bus terminal every 30 minutes and ticket is 3.9 Euro ($4.5). Bus takes the longest to arrive to Vienna, around 30 minutes. If you are not in a hurry, this is the most economic option.

Taxi to and from Vienna airport

Taxi from and to the airport will cost you between 38 and 55 Euro, depending on time of the day, public holidays and how far is your destination. This is good option for group of 4 people, who will pay price for train, but will be delivered straight to their destination address, without changing the transport.


Uber is another option, at it is usually cheaper than standard taxi. Price should be about 30 Euros, also depending on your accommodation destination. The advantage of Uber is online option and very reliable service. The only problem is getting Uber when coming from the Airport, the main taxi stand is usually reserved for standard Taxi service and Uber might not be able to reach you there.

Private airport transfers

If you want to pre-book your transport, and want driver waiting for you, we have several options and the price is very affordable. Please check links below:

Private Airport Round-Trip Transfer: Vienna International Airport to Vienna Hotel Plus Return Trip Vienna Private Airport Transfers

Car rental

If you are comfortable in driving throughout busy city of Vienna and have no problem with budget, you can also rent a car. This option can be interesting, but please take in consideration finding a parking and limitation in parking areas and available parking time around attractions. This will add a bit more of the stress to your vacation and more money will be spent. And not to mention possible traffic tickets you might receive by violating traffic rules. So, car rental – not recommended. We do recommend car rental when traveling outside of Vienna and between cities and countryside, where you can stop whenever you see wonderful scenery and there are plenty of those throughout Austria!

Horse carriage

If you want to go around Vienna in style and enjoy the sights like from fairy tale, we recommend taking horse carriage from city center. This is not actually what you would take to go from point A to point B (as they will drop you off at the exact same spot where you left), but it counts as means of transport 😊.
It costs between 40 and 80 Euros for a trip and four people can ride at the same time. The ride is between 20 minutes and one hour and depending on the driver, you will have nice guide explaining you attractions as you pass by them.

romantic vienna combo vienna card horse and carriage tour belvedere in vienna 117630
Romantic Vienna Combo: Vienna Card, Horse and Carriage Tour, Belvedere Palace and Candlelight Dinner

Hop-on, Hop-off bus

This is not standard transportation facility, but if you want to quickly visit all central attractions, this is the way to go. Qualified tour guides will tell you a story of the city via headsets available and you will ride on the bus and have nice photo and video opportunities. The advantage of hop-on/hop-off option is that you have possibility to use the bus throughout the day, so you can hop on, see some sights, hop off, go for a lunch or a walk and then go back to the bus to continue exploring. Prices range from 20 Euro and up. Here are some recommendations:

big bus vienna hop on hop off tour in vienna 452117
Big Bus Vienna Hop-On Hop-Off Tour
combo strauss and mozart concert and big bus hop on hop off in vienna in vienna 481286
Combo Strauss and Mozart Concert and Big Bus Hop-on Hop-Off in Vienna


There are many reliable and affordable options for moving around Vienna and you will need to choose what is the best option suitable for you. It will depend on your preferences, budget or if you are traveling with small children, alone or in a small group. In any case, transport will definitely not be a problem when you come and visit. Enjoy your trip and safe travels!

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