Top 10+ things to see and do in Graz, Austria

Top 10+ things to see and do in Graz, Austria

Welcome to Graz, Austria – a city that is not only steeped in history but also offers an array of exciting things to see and do. Whether you’re a culture enthusiast, outdoor adventurer, or simply someone looking to immerse themselves in the charm of this picturesque destination, Graz has something for everyone.

From its stunning Old Town with medieval architecture to its modern marvels like the Kunsthaus Graz and Murinsel, there’s no shortage of captivating attractions waiting to be explored. So pack your bags and join us as we take you on a virtual journey through the top 10+ things to see and do in Graz! Get ready for an adventure that will leave you spellbound and longing for more. Let’s dive right into it!

The Old Town

As you step into the heart of Graz, you’ll find yourself transported back in time as you wander through its enchanting Old Town. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a true architectural gem, boasting beautifully preserved buildings that showcase various styles from different eras.

Stroll along the charming cobblestone streets and get lost in the maze-like alleys, where every corner reveals a new hidden treasure. Admire the intricate facades adorned with ornate balconies and colorful frescoes that tell stories of centuries gone by.

Half Day Sightseeing Tour in GrazMake sure to visit Hauptplatz, the main square of Graz, which pulsates with energy and serves as a hub for locals and tourists alike. Take a moment to soak in the atmosphere while sipping on a cup of coffee at one of the cozy outdoor cafes or indulge your taste buds with traditional Austrian delicacies at local eateries.

Don’t miss out on exploring landmarks like Landhaus, an iconic Renaissance-style building that houses government offices, or Glockenspielplatz where you can witness daily performances by mechanical figures dancing to music atop the clock tower.

Immerse yourself in history by visiting breathtaking museums like Schlossberg Castle Museum or Kunsthaus Graz Art Museum. And if you happen to be there during Christmas time, be sure to experience the magic of Christkindlmarkt – an enchanting Christmas market filled with twinkling lights and delightful treats.

The Old Town truly captures both the rich heritage and vibrant spirit of Graz. It’s a place where old meets new seamlessly – where centuries-old architecture coexists harmoniously with modern shops and trendy boutiques. So take your time exploring this captivating district; each step will unveil something unique and unforgettable!

The Schlossberg

Perched atop a hill overlooking the picturesque city of Graz, the Schlossberg is an iconic symbol of this charming Austrian town. Steeped in history and surrounded by lush greenery, it offers visitors a chance to step back in time and soak up breathtaking views.

Graz: Schlossberg Private Guided Tour
As you make your way up to the Schlossberg, whether by foot or taking the funicular railway for a more leisurely ascent, you’ll be rewarded with stunning panoramas of Graz’s rooftops and beyond. Once at the top, explore the remains of ancient fortifications that once protected the city.

Wander through narrow pathways lined with beautiful gardens and hidden nooks where locals come to relax on sunny days. Don’t forget to visit Castle Hill Clock Tower (Uhrturm), one of Graz’s most recognizable landmarks. Climb its spiral staircase for an even better vantage point over Graz’s old town.

For those seeking adventure, try climbing one of several rock faces available for rock climbing enthusiasts or simply enjoy a picnic while basking in nature’s beauty. Whether you’re interested in history, architecture or simply want to immerse yourself in nature, a visit to the Schlossberg is an absolute must when exploring Graz!

The Murinsel

The Murinsel, also known as the Mur Island, is a modern architectural marvel that cannot be missed when visiting Graz. This floating platform sits in the middle of the Mur River and is connected to both banks by two footbridges. Designed by American architect Vito Acconci, this unique structure resembles a shell or an abstract ship.

Special Christmas Tour Around GrazAs you step onto the island, you are greeted with an open-air amphitheater where various performances and events take place throughout the year. The seating area provides a stunning view of both sides of the river and offers a peaceful spot to relax and enjoy your surroundings.

Inside the Murinsel, there is a café where you can grab a drink or snack while admiring its avant-garde design. The café’s terrace overlooks the river, making it an ideal spot for people-watching or simply basking in the beauty of nature.

Whether you’re interested in architecture or just looking for some tranquility amidst bustling Graz, a visit to The Murinsel should definitely be on your itinerary. It’s not only an artistic masterpiece but also serves as a symbol of creativity and innovation in this charming Austrian city.

The Kunsthaus Graz

The Kunsthaus Graz is a must-visit attraction for art enthusiasts and architecture lovers. This futuristic building, also known as the “Friendly Alien,” stands out amidst the historic buildings of Graz’s Old Town.

Kunsthaus Graz Museum Entrance TicketDesigned by architects Peter Cook and Colin Fournier, the Kunsthaus showcases contemporary art exhibitions that push boundaries and challenge traditional artistic norms. The unique exterior resembling a biomorphic structure captivates visitors from afar.

As you step inside, be prepared to be mesmerized by the vast exhibition spaces spread over several floors. The cutting-edge design seamlessly blends with the artworks on display, creating an immersive experience for visitors.

One of the highlights of visiting the Kunsthaus Graz is its commitment to promoting dialogue between different forms of art. From visual arts to performances, installations, and digital media – there’s something here to cater to all artistic tastes.

Don’t forget to check out their rotating exhibitions that feature both national and international artists. These thought-provoking displays offer insights into contemporary issues while encouraging critical thinking among viewers.

While exploring this architectural marvel, take a moment to appreciate how it interacts with its surroundings. The rooftop viewing platform offers stunning panoramic views of Graz’s skyline and provides an excellent opportunity for photography enthusiasts.

Whether you’re an avid art lover or simply curious about innovative architecture, a visit to the Kunsthaus Graz will leave you inspired and in awe of human creativity. So make sure it’s on your itinerary when exploring this vibrant city!

The Landeszeughaus

The Landeszeughaus, also known as the Styrian Armoury, is a must-visit destination in Graz. Stepping inside this historic building feels like stepping back in time. The sheer size and scale of the collection is mind-boggling – it’s considered to be the largest historical armory in the world!

As you wander through its hallways, you’ll encounter row upon row of weapons and armor from different eras. From swords and spears to suits of armor and cannons, there’s something for every history enthusiast here.

Graz Old Town Highlights Private Walking TourOne of the most fascinating aspects of the Landeszeughaus is that everything on display is original. These are not replicas or imitations – they are genuine artifacts that have been preserved over centuries.

It’s truly remarkable to see how warfare technology has evolved throughout history. You can’t help but imagine what it would have been like to wear such heavy armor or wield those massive weapons.

Visiting the Landeszeughaus offers a unique glimpse into Austria’s rich military past. Whether you’re a history buff or simply curious about ancient weaponry, this museum will leave you awe-inspired by its vast collection.

So take some time during your visit to Graz to explore this hidden gem – it’s an experience unlike any other!


Perched high above the city, Grazerburg is an intriguing historical landmark that should not be missed on your visit to Graz. This imposing fortress offers a glimpse into the city’s rich and turbulent past.

As you approach Grazerburg, you will be awed by its grandeur and formidable presence. The architecture is a blend of Gothic and Renaissance styles, showcasing the artistic prowess of its time. It’s hard not to feel a sense of awe as you stand before this magnificent structure.

The Best of Graz Walking Tour

Once inside, you can explore the various rooms and chambers that tell stories of battles fought and victories won. From ancient weaponry to elaborate tapestries, each corner holds treasures waiting to be discovered.

Climbing up one of the towers rewards you with panoramic views of Graz below. The sweeping vistas are simply breathtaking, offering a unique perspective on this charming Austrian city.

Grazerburg also hosts regular events such as concerts and exhibitions, breathing life into its historic walls. Whether it’s attending a classical music performance or admiring contemporary art installations, there is always something happening within these hallowed grounds.

A visit to Grafenburg is like stepping back in time; it allows you to immerse yourself in history while marveling at architectural splendor. Don’t forget your camera – every angle offers an opportunity for stunning photographs!

In conclusion (since I am only allowed to conclude here), Grazerburg is undoubtedly one of Graz’s top attractions for history buffs and architecture enthusiasts alike!

The New Market Square

The New Market Square in Graz is a vibrant hub of activity and a must-visit for anyone looking to soak up the local atmosphere. As you wander through this bustling square, you’ll be greeted by an array of stalls selling fresh produce, local crafts, and delicious street food.

Exclusive Private Guided Tour through the History of Graz with a LocalOne of the highlights of the New Market Square is the farmers’ market, where you can find an abundance of fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, and more. It’s a great place to sample some traditional Austrian delicacies or pick up ingredients to cook your own meal.

In addition to the market stalls, there are also several charming cafes and restaurants surrounding the square. Take a seat at one of these establishments and enjoy a coffee or meal while taking in the lively ambiance.

If you’re lucky enough to visit during Christmas time, you’ll be treated to a magical experience as the square transforms into a festive wonderland with beautifully decorated stalls selling mulled wine, gingerbread cookies, and handmade gifts.

Whether you’re interested in shopping for fresh produce or simply want to immerse yourself in Graz’s vibrant culture, the New Market Square should definitely be on your itinerary.

The Graz Mausoleum

The Graz Mausoleum, also known as the Mausoleum of Emperor Ferdinand II, is a stunning architectural masterpiece that showcases the grandeur and beauty of Graz’s history. Located in St. Peter’s Cemetery, this mausoleum is a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Austria.

As you step into the mausoleum, you will be greeted by intricate carvings and beautiful sculptures that adorn its walls. The attention to detail is simply breathtaking, and it truly reflects the craftsmanship of the era.

Graz Private Walking Tour With A Professional GuideInside, you can explore several chambers that house tombs dedicated to various members of the Habsburg dynasty. Each tomb tells a story and offers a glimpse into the lives and legacies of these influential figures.

One cannot help but feel a sense of awe as they walk through this sacred space. The atmosphere is serene and peaceful, making it an ideal place for reflection or quiet contemplation.

Whether you are an architecture enthusiast or simply curious about history, visiting the Graz Mausoleum should be on your list of things to see in Graz. It provides a unique opportunity to connect with Austria’s past and appreciate its artistic achievements.

In conclusion: The Graz Mausoleum stands as a testament to both architectural brilliance and historical significance. Its ornate design captivates visitors while offering insight into Austria’s rich cultural heritage. A visit here promises an unforgettable experience that immerses you in centuries-old traditions and stories passed down through generations.

The Cathedral of Graz

The Cathedral of Graz, also known as the Grazer Dom, is a magnificent symbol of faith and architectural brilliance. Located in the heart of the city, this stunning cathedral is a must-visit for anyone exploring Graz. Stepping inside, you’ll be greeted by a sense of grandeur and tranquility that instantly captivates.

Graz: Top Churches Private Walking Tour with GuideAs you wander through its hallowed halls, take note of the intricate details adorning every nook and cranny. The ornate stained glass windows bathe the interior in colorful light, creating an ethereal ambiance that is simply breathtaking.

The towering ceilings seem to reach towards the heavens themselves, reminding visitors of their place within something much larger than themselves.

One cannot help but marvel at the craftsmanship displayed throughout this sacred space. From the meticulously carved statues to the awe-inspiring altar, every element tells a story steeped in history and devotion. It’s truly remarkable how such delicate artistry can withstand centuries while maintaining its original splendor.

Whether you’re seeking solace or simply appreciate architectural masterpieces, a visit to The Cathedral of Graz will leave an indelible impression on your soul. Take your time to absorb its beauty and reflect upon its significance – it’s an experience not to be missed during your exploration of this enchanting Austrian city

Schloss Eggenberg

Schloss Eggenberg, also known as Eggenberg Palace, is a magnificent Baroque palace located on the outskirts of Graz. It is a true gem in the city’s architectural crown and offers visitors a glimpse into Austria’s rich history and culture.

The Instagrammable Places of Graz with a LocalAs you approach the palace, you’ll be immediately struck by its grandeur. The exterior boasts intricate detailing and stunning frescoes that are sure to leave you in awe. Step inside, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by opulent rooms adorned with beautiful artwork, ornate furniture, and impressive tapestries.

One of the highlights of Schloss Eggenberg is undoubtedly its extensive parkland. Take a leisurely stroll through manicured gardens dotted with statues and fountains, or explore one of the many walking trails that wind their way through lush greenery. Don’t forget to visit the charming rose garden for a moment of tranquility amidst nature’s beauty.

For history enthusiasts, a visit to Schloss Eggenberg wouldn’t be complete without exploring its museum collections. Discover fascinating artifacts from various periods, including archaeological finds from ancient civilizations and exquisite artworks from renowned painters.

If architecture piques your interest, make sure to marvel at the stunning Planetary Room within the palace complex. This celestial-themed masterpiece will transport you back in time as it showcases intricate ceiling paintings depicting astronomical phenomena.

Whether you’re an art lover or simply appreciate breathtaking architecture, Schloss Eggenberg is definitely worth a visit during your time in Graz. Immerse yourself in its splendorous surroundings and let yourself be transported to another era – it’s an experience not to be missed!


One of the most iconic landmarks in Graz is the Uhrturm, also known as the Clock Tower. Situated on top of Schlossberg Hill, this tower offers breathtaking views of the city and its surrounding landscapes.

Hidden Gems in Graz with local delicacies - Private Guided Tour from ViennaAs you make your way up to the Clock Tower, you’ll be greeted by charming cobblestone paths and lush greenery. Be prepared for a bit of a climb, but trust me when I say that it’s well worth it! Once you reach the top, take a moment to catch your breath and soak in the panoramic vistas.

The Uhrturm itself is an architectural marvel. Its distinctive red roof and elegant clock face have become synonymous with Graz. Dating back to the 16th century, this historic timepiece has stood tall through centuries of history.

Inside the tower, you can explore a small museum that showcases its fascinating past. Learn about how it served not only as a clock but also as a lookout point during times of war. The intricate mechanisms behind keeping time will surely captivate anyone with an interest in horology.

Whether you’re visiting during daylight hours or in the evening when twinkling lights illuminate Graz below, experiencing sunset from atop Uhrturm promises an unforgettable experience. Capture stunning photos or simply take a moment to appreciate how far-reaching those views truly are.

If you’re looking for something special to do while in Graz, don’t miss out on visiting Uhrturm. It’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in history while being surrounded by awe-inspiring scenery – definitely one for any traveler’s bucket list!


As you can see, Graz is a city that has so much to offer visitors. From the picturesque Old Town to the stunning architecture and cultural landmarks, there is something for everyone here. Whether you are interested in history, art, or simply exploring charming streets and squares, Graz will not disappoint.

Graz: Hüttenbrenner Life Tour along with ConcertMake sure to visit the iconic Schlossberg for breathtaking views of the city and enjoy a leisurely stroll along the Mur River while admiring the unique design of Murinsel. The Kunsthaus Graz and Landeszeughaus are must-visit destinations for art enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

Don’t forget to explore Grazerburg with its impressive collection of medieval artifacts, as well as New Market Square where you can experience local life firsthand. The Graz Mausoleum and Cathedral of Graz offer glimpses into Austria’s rich heritage, while Schloss Eggenberg is a true gem with its beautiful gardens and captivating interiors.

And let’s not forget about Uhrturm! This iconic clock tower is not only an architectural marvel but also provides panoramic views of the cityscape. Take some time to relax on Murinsel (Mur Island), a floating platform that offers a tranquil escape from bustling city life.

So whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or an extended stay in Austria, be sure to include Graz on your itinerary. With its blend of history, culture, and natural beauty, this vibrant city promises unforgettable experiences at every turn. Plan your trip now and discover all the amazing things there are to see and do in Graz!