7 interesting tours of Vienna starting under $25

7 interesting tours of Vienna starting under $25

7 interesting tours of Vienna starting under $25. We already discussed how you can easily go out of budget when visiting Vienna and want to see all possible attractions.

There are also free tours that can be useful to help you if you are out of money, but here are some really interesting tours of Vienna that can be very affordable. We hand-picked a selection of 7 tours of Vienna that we hope you will find interesting and very cheap. Here they are:

1. One hour guided tour of MuseumsQuartier

This tour is nice and short, and an excellent to start you up with Vienna’s culture. The guide will take you to one hour walk around Vienna‘s MuseumsQuartier, one of the largest museum complexes in Europe. You can then visit the individual museum or a gallery on your own.

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Museumsquartier - Museumsplatz
Museumsquartier – Museumsplatz

2. Tour of sinful Vienna

Sinful Vienna Following the Tracks of Josefine Mutzenbacher

This is quite unique tour – it follows the story of Josefine Mutzenbacher, an allegedly famous Vienna prostitute who lived in the late 19th and early 20th century and wrote a book about her life. The origin of the book and Josephine herself is still disputed and many attribute it to Felix Salten, the famous author at the time. Nonetheless, the book became very popular, although it has been banned in Austria as soon as it was published for its then-scandalous content.

The tour tells stories from the book while walking on the streets that were once the backdrop of events described in the book. The fact that the book was published n 1906, sold 3 million copies, and is considered a classic in erotic literature makes this tour even more interesting.

Understandably, the tour operator doesn’t recommend this tour for persons under 18 years of age.

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3. Vienna City Highlights Walking Tour

Vienna City Highlights Walking Tour

This is another tour that can be considered a ‘starter’ tour of Vienna, where you will get a general feeling of a city before you go and explore it deeper. The guide will take you around the city center and walk you around streets with notable buildings, churches, and monuments. Each landmark will be followed by an interesting story and information you probably didn’t know yet. This will definitely inspire you to learn more about Vienna’s history.

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4. Vienna Capuchin Crypt

This tour has two options: an entrance ticket only or a guided tour. Whichever option you choose, you will enjoy the amazing experience of visiting the imperial crypt that has the tombs of 12 emperors, 19 empresses, and many family members. Delicate art used to design this final resting place is mesmerizing.

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5. Vienna Central Cemetery ‒ City of the Dead

Vienna Central Cemetery ‒ City of the Dead

While we are on the topic of dead people, what is the best place to visit than a cemetery? Granted, this is not just any cemetery, but a famous Vienna Central Cemetery – Zentralfriedhof. This is the second-largest cemetery in Europe and it has famous people buried there – Johannes Brahms, Franz Schubert, and Ludwig van Beethoven visit their final resting place is an interesting trip on its own. The cemetery is also famous from the architectural and design side and showcases different styles through time.

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6. Vienna Hidden Gems tour

Vienna Hidden Gems near St. Stephen's and Old University

This tour can be considered as a complementary tour to Vienna city highlights as it also explores central parts of Vienna, but this one is looking more into off-beaten-track areas. To be honest, the off-beaten track is difficult to find in Vienna, but this tour is visiting some gems that you will not usually find by yourself. The tour is focused on the area of  St. Stephen’s Cathedral and Vienna Old University.

The tour also explores famous cafes and restaurants in the city center and follows walks with interesting and unique stories about Vienna’s history.

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7. Vienna pub crawl

Vienna Pub Crawl

Pub crawls are becoming a standard when visiting famous cities and Vienna is no exception. It is also nice to finish our recommendations for tours of Vienna on a very relaxed note.

You will go to several pubs, have a few drinks, play some pub games and learn about Vienna’s social and nightlife. There are also some discounts for clubs offered at the end of the tour.


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Guided tours of Vienna don’t have to be expensive. We have listed here some guided tours that will give you interesting insights into Vienna’s history, culture, and everyday life for a very reasonable price. We will be looking for more similar and affordable tours for you. Safe travels and see you soon!