Welcome to All About Vienna!

Welcome to All About Vienna!

Welcome to All About Vienna! And welcome to Vienna, because if you are reading this, you were brought here by your interest in this wonderful city!

We started this website as an idea to put together the most up-to-date and most relevant information one would need in order to learn all about Vienna, plan a visit, or maybe even move and start a new life here. You never know…

We are trying to put as much useful information we can and there is so much information to share so this is one massive work in progress.

This is a new website from our travel guides universe which is growing daily; our main website is gotravelyourself.com, a general-purpose travel website, with a focus on audiences in United States, Canada, the UK, Australia, and Spain.

Naturhistorisches Museum Wien
Naturhistorisches Museum Wien, photo by allaboutvienna.com

All About Vienna is the first in a series of focused travel guides (and general city guides) with the latest and up-to-date information about popular cities and Vienna is definitely a great choice to start the series.

We consider Vienna a city that, once visited, will stay forever on your travel itinerary and, who knows, become a place where you will set up your home.

There are many reasons to visit Vienna and even more to make it your home. In a series of articles, we will be exploring both ways to learn about this city.

We will explore Vienna’s history, geography, attractions, things to do, moving around the city, hotels, restaurants, entertainment, shopping, and anything that interests visitors. In the area dedicated to moving (relocating) to Vienna, we will provide useful information about getting a residence permit, long-term rentals, finding jobs for yourselves or schools for your kids, and resources for families in Vienna.

There is plenty to explore and learn and we will be working tirelessly to compile the most relevant information.

We will try and create a unique website that will become your favorite place to learn and explore information about Vienna. If we manage to succeed in this, we will be very happy, and we hope this will make you happy too!

We also promise not to overwhelm our visitors with promotion materials and ads, but we will make sure that any flight, hotel, tour, or product offer we present here is handpicked and has great value to you if you decide to buy or book it.

Enjoy and safe travels!

All About Vienna.